Alys Peart

Global Event Manager, KPMG International
Alys Peart is a Global Event Manager for KPMG International, working as part of the Global Events Team for the past 4 years. Alys has a wide range of experience working in both the corporate and not-for profit sectors.

Alys has managed a number of large high profile events working with clients based across the US, Europe and Asia. With over 10 years’ experience in the events industry, Alys has a broad understanding of audience experience. In her current role she successfully manages end to end meetings and conferences from large complex conferences to high level board meetings. Alys’ experience includes professional meeting and conference design and execution for Global consistency of messaging, brand management, risk management and coordination and optimization of firm resources. In doing so she is able to execute a number of complex multi-day events across the globe, working with global leaders to create an environment conducive for productive, impactful conferences for attendees that help disseminate strategy and aid Global Mindset to the leaders of the future.